Entry: The Land of the Lost Monday, November 08, 2004

I have been to the land of the lost.
Nobody was there but poor souls.
No terrain to see.
Not a place for all to be--
if you're not lost then you're astray.

The land of the lost
is for those
who can't help but stay
the way the world lead them to be.
It is not for those whose hearts
long not to be free--
for they reside in the prison cells
to which they are held in captivity.

The land of the lost
calls for free spirits
who search for their eternity,
but were so unfortunate
to look not in the right places
and found their selves
alone and hopeless.

I have been to the land of the lost,
where fools choose to wander.
I felt at home in the land of the lost,
and stayed there for a century or so.
My soul rejoiced for there I am alone;
so, I can be what I want
and do what I long to do.

But the land of the lost was not forever for me
for a light I saw and I found my way--
back to where I should be,
in this lonely world--
the land of reality.

To the land of the lost,
I'll be back someday
if my grip to the hand that lifted me
will slowly loosen and then I'll see
the world turn dark
and there I'll be--
back to the land of the lost.

Ariel Lalisan


December 7, 2004   08:42 PM PST
if you're lost, love will find you.

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